72th Seminar on "Where will China-US Relations Go?"

【Jun 25, 2022】

On June 25, 2022, SDRF held the 72th series of seninars with the theme of "Where will China-US Relations Go?". Mr. C. Fred Bergsten (founder, director emeritus, senior researcher of the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE); a well-known American economist) elaborated on his new book, "The United States vs China:The Quest for Global Economic Leadership". Yu Yongding, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chairman of the Academic Committee of SDRF; Zhang Yunling, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dean of the Shandong University Institute of International Studies; Wu Xinbo, Dean of the Fudan University Institute of International Studies, and Director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University; and Huang Yiping, deputy dean of the National School of Development of Peking University and director of the Center for American Studies; delivered speeches and discussions on related topics. Mr. Qiao Yide, Vice President and Secretary-General of SDRF, presided over the discussion.

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