Profile of Shanghai Development Research Foundation (SDRF)

SDRF was established in 1993 as a non-profit organization, aiming at development research and decision-making consultations. Over the past decades, we have gained high recognitions in academic circles, by establishing high-level platforms for exchanges of views, conducting deep research on development issues and providing constructive decision-making consultations to Chinese governments.

The activities we hold as platforms:
Monthly “Shanghai Development Salon”
Well-known experts are invited to make speeches on hotspot topics, and participants from various circles are encouraged to share their opinions. Over the past 10 years from 2005, the salon has obtained great popularity and reputation.

Yearly forums on World and Chinese Economy
Forums on World and Chinese Economy are held twice a year. They are organized to make a real-time analysis of the economic performances in China and the world in the year, as well as to predict the economic trends of the coming year.

High-level International symposiums
Several high-level symposiums are held every year, which invite honored scholars from home and abroad to present their views around some important of macro-economy and international finance, such as global financial governance, international financial architecture, and global economic growth, etc.

The Research work we devote to:
Our research focuses on the issues of macro-economy and international finance, such as the reform of international monetary system, RMB internationalization, the regulation of cross-border capital flows, and further enhancing the role of SDR, etc. Several books and pamphlets on these have been published.

The main board members of SDRF are:Mr. Guangshao Tu(Honorary Chairman of SDRF,Former Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai), Mr. Yanzhao Hu(Honorary Chairman of SDRF,Former Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress), Mr. Ronghua Wang(Vice Chairman of SDRF and the Former Deputy Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC), and Mr. Zhan Wang (
Vice Chairman of SDRF and the President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences),Mr. Liping Zhang (Vice Chairman of SDRF and Former Chairman of Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd), and Mr. Yide Qiao(Vice Chairman and Secretary General of SDRF).

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