SDRF Board of Directors



Occupation & Position

Lin Sha

(Honorary Chairman)

Former Vice Mayor of Shanghai

Yanzhao Hu

(Honorary Chairman)

 Former Vice Mayor of Shanghai


Guangshao Tu

(Honorary Chairman)

Former Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai

Ronghua Wang

(Vice Chairman)

Former Deputy Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC

Zhan Wang

(Vice Chairman)

Former Dean of Shanghai Academy

of Social Sciences

Liping Zhang

(Vice Chairman)

Former Chairman of Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd

Yide Qiao
(Vice Chairman &  Secretary General)

Vice Chairman & Secretary General

of Shanghai Development Research Foundation

Fuqing Sun

Vice Chairman of Shanghai International Economic Exchange Center

Yongjin Fan

Party Secretary, Shanghai Aijian Co.,Ltd.

Yuliang Zhang

Chairman, Shanghai Greenland Group Co., Ltd.

Xinyi Liu

President of Shanghai International Group

Hao Lu

Softbank SAIF Investment Partner

Rui Li 

Associate Professor of Shanghai International Studies University





















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