The 8th Seminar of CHINA INTL FINANCE 30 FORUM

【Aug 13, 2022】

"The 8th Seminar of the CHINA INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 30 FORUM - China's High-Level Opening of Finance under the New Situation" hosted by the China International Finance 30 Forum was held in Shanghai on August 13.
The current Russian-Ukrainian war is still going on, and the negative effects continue to spill over. Inflation in the United States and the West continues to rise, and the Fed's tightening measures may lead to an economic recession. The new crown epidemic is still spreading around the world. The above situation has brought enormous challenges to China's economic growth and financial stability. The further opening of China's financial industry is not only a need for domestic financial supply-side reform, but also a powerful measure to deal with the above challenges. How to continue to open up finance at a high level under the new situation is a major issue we face, and it is also the theme of this seminar.

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