73th Seminarm: The Causes and Evolution of Inflation in the United States and Its Impact on China

【Oct 14, 2022】

On October 14, SDRF and the China International Economic Exchange Center Shanghai Branch jointly held a seminar on "The Causes, Evolution and Impact of Inflation in the United States and Its Impact on China". The seminar explored the following questions: Is the Fed's monetary policy effective? What will be the result of high global inflation? Is it going into recession, or causing a financial crisis, or are there multiple crises coexisting? How will this affect our China? How should we respond? Wang Zhan, Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Circles; Peng Wensheng, Chief Economist of CICC and Executive Director of CICC Research Institute; Wang Han, Chief Economist of Industrial Securities, Song Guoyou, Deputy Director and Professor of American Studies Center of Fudan University; Xia Chun, Chief Economist of Yinke Holdings and Director of Financial Research Institute; Xu Mingqi, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Center for International Economics and others participated in the discussion, and Qiao Yide, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of SDRF, presided over the meeting.

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