174th Salon "Interpreting the Central Economic Work Conference and Analyzing 2023"

【Jan 11,2023】

SDRF and Shanghai Association for Foreign Investment jointly organized the 174th Shanghai Development Salon on January 11, 2023. Mr. Zhu Baoliang, Chief Economist of the State Information Center, gave a speech entitled "Interpreting the Central Economic Work Conference and Analyzing the Economic Trend in 2023" at the salon. Mr. Zhu Baoliang believes that there are three advantages or effects this year. The first is the effect of optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures. The epidemic period is over, and after March, we will enter the post-epidemic era, and the consumption of goods and services will rebound. The second is the average annual impact of the epidemic over the past three years. We calculate it as 0.8% in one year, which may recover or partially recover. In addition, there is the advantage of low base. Adding these two effects together, if it was 3% last year, it could reach 4.5%-4.8% this year. The third is the cumulative effect of macroeconomic policies. This effect depends on the confidence of private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises and the microcosmic foundation of the economy.

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