175th Salon "The Current Situation and Future of AI"

【Feb 14,2023】

SDRF and Shanghai Association for Foreign Investment jointly organized the 175th Shanghai Development Salon on February 14, 2023. Mr. Zhang Zheng, Senior Chief Scientist of Amazon Cloud Technology and Dean of Shanghai Institute of Artificial Intelligence, gave a speech entitled "The Current Situation and Future of Artificial Intelligence" at the salon.

He pointed out that if the strength of creativity is taken as the abscissa and the strength of correctness is taken as the ordinate, four quadrants will be formed, and we can use this to see the impact of ChatGPT on the industry or profession. In the first quadrant, it is assumed that high creativity is required, and the facts must be correct. Artificial intelligence is still far from this requirement. The second quadrant requires high creativity, but the truth is not so important, such as art, this part is not easy to say. But we know that creativity, as an ability, not everyone can meet the standard, and those who cannot meet the standard will be affected. In the third quadrant, if you don’t need creativity, but you need rigorous facts, you may collect some wrong facts with ChatGPT, and you have to spend time to correct them. It is possible to create this new ecosystem: there is no need to create, but it needs to be rigorous. Artificial intelligence does a lot of work for us to ensure that the content is foolproof. This is a new type of work, catching bugs. The fourth quadrant, assuming you don't need particularly strong creativity, and don't care too much about whether it is completely accurate, it can kill you in seconds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our content is neither creative nor full of mistakes. Most of the speech on the Internet is neither creative nor correct. Assuming you do these things, artificial intelligence can completely replace you.

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