2013 Forum on Chinese Economy

【Nov 28, 2013】

On Nov 28, 2013, SDRF held a forum on Chinese economy at JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Tomorrow Square.

The Third Plenary Session opened the prelude to China’s deepening reform comprehensively. What kind of changes Chinese economy and society of China will face? How to encode the decision of The Third Plenary Session? Which important changes will be brought by the decision of The Third Plenary Session? How to create and reflect the reform dividend at the time when the global economy is in the uncertainty of deep adjustment while the Chinese economy is at the critical moment of transformation? How to estimate the economic situation this year? How to analysis the economic trade next year? These topics become main issues we concerns currently.

Targeting to these problems, Shanghai Development Research Foundation will hold a half day Symposium “2013 Forum on Chinese Economy--Chinese Economy after the Third Plenary Session: Interpretation and Analysis” in the afternoon of Nov. 28th, 2013. Main content will be discussed as following: how to interpret the achievement of The Third Plenary Session, how should its decision be implemented into specific actions, how to review and summarize the macroeconomic situation of 2013 and analyze the economic trend of next year.

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