58th Seminar Series on "How to Respond to US Sanctions & Maintain Hong Kong's Prosperity"

【Jun 12, 2020】

SDRF organized the 58th Seminar Series on "How to Respond to US Sanctions and Continue to Maintain Hong Kong's Prosperity" by video on June 12.
Cha Daojiong(professor of the School of International Relations at Peking University), Xia Chun(chief economist of Noah Holdings), and Hu Weixing(dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Macau), each gave introductory speeches, followed by interactive discussions. Experts and scholars present at the meeting were: Sun Mingchun, chief economist of Haitong International;Zhang Liping, vice chairman of Shanghai Development Research Foundation and former chairman of Guosheng Group; Gu Xiyong, chief representative and vice president of Oriental Citi, and Zhang Rui, a partner of Sailing Capital Investment;Zheng Yi, Chairman of Hengan Standard Life and former Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai; Sun Junwei, Senior Economist, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Hong Kong). Mr. Qiao Yide, Vice Chairman & Secretary General of SDRF, presided over the seminar.

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