2021 Shanghai Monetary Forum - Monetary System and Institutions: Evolution and Theory

【Oct 24, 2021】

On October 24, 2021, SDRF and the Institute of Economic Thought and Economic History of Fudan University jointly organized the "2021 Shanghai Currency Forum - Monetary System and Institutions: Evolution and Theory".


From a historical point of view, the monetary system can generally be considered to have gone through the stages of metal coinage, representative currency (currency under the standard) and credit currency. How did the currency system of human society evolve? How did it happen? The issuance of currency also ranges from general financial institutions to central banks. Are these changes regular? China's 14th Five-Year Plan proposes to establish a modern central bank system. What does a modern central bank system mean? What main content does it contain? In recent years, digital currencies have emerged around the world. Both private digital currencies and central bank digital currencies have already had a certain impact on the economic operation of modern society. What impact will these digital currencies have on the monetary system and monetary institutions? How will the future monetary system evolve? All of the above issues are of concern to us, and they are exactly what this currency forum will discuss.

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